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Statement of Support

The Dartmouth College Library Workers Union is organizing for a better, more equitable workplace, one that can deliver the strongest library services possible to our community. We, the workers, understand the operations of the Library and our community best. We believe that collective bargaining is the way to create a transparent and sustained dialogue between College administration and library staff. With a seat at the table, we can better serve the mission of Dartmouth College: to educate the most promising students and prepare them for a lifetime of learning and of responsible leadership through a faculty dedicated to teaching and the creation of knowledge.

Petra McGillen, Associate Prof. of German Studies

Jenny Lynn, Classics Department

L.C. (German Studies and Digital Humanities, Dartmouth College)

Udi Greenberg (Department of History)

Robert St.Clair, Associate Professor of French

Eric Miller, German Studies, Dartmouth College

Jennifer M. Miller, Associate Professor of History, Dartnmouth College

Heidi Denzel (German Studies)

Golnar Nikpour, Assistant Professor of History, Dartmouth College

Veronika Fuechtner, German Studies

Yuliya Komska, German Studirs

Lynn Patyk Department of Russian

Phyllis Deutsch, Lecturer, Writing Program

Ale Morales, UG '24

Esmeralda Abreu Jerez, student

Jenny Vazquez Torres, Class of 2024

Lizet Garcia ‘23

Valerie Gadapati ’26

Simon Lamontagne ‘24

Vicqueline Escalona, undergraduate student

Paige Nakai, Undergraduate Student

Philip Surendran, student

Nicolás Macri ’24

Roberta Stewart, Professor of Classical Studies

Bethany Moreton, Professor of History, Dartmouth College

Pamela Voekel, History and LALACS

Melissa Zeiger, Dartmouth Department of English and Creative Writing

Robert M Baum, Departments of Religion and African and African American Studies

Lee Witters, Professor of Biological Sciences & Medicine

Annelise Orleck, Professor of History

Whitney Barlow Robles, Lecturer, Department of History

Trica Keaton, faculty

Txetxu Aguado, Spanish and Portuguese

Bench Ansfield, Postdoctoral Fellow, Dartmouth Society of Fellows

Nancy L. Canepa, French & Italian

Roopika Risam (FMS/COLT)

Rebecca Clark, Lecturer, Writing Program and English Department

Annabel Martin, Faculty-Prof of Spanish and WGSS

Graziella Parati, Professor, French and Italian

Douglas Moody, Senior Lecturer Department of Spanish & Portuguese, Lecturer in the Writing Program, LALACS, and WGSS

Ainsley Morse, associate professor

Nataliya Braginsky, Dartmouth Academic Skills Center

Patricia J Lopez Assistant Prof of Geography, Dartmouth

Juan Quinonez Zepeda '22 (Alumni)

Damiano Benvegnù, Senior Lecturer of Italian

Chris Sneddon, Environmental Studies

Antonio Gómez, Spanish and Comparative Literature

Irene Kacandes, The Dartmouth Professor of German Studies and Comparative Literature

Analola Santana, Associate Professor of Theater

Jane Henderson, Department of Geography

Julia Rabig, Associate Professor, Department of History

David LaGuardia, French and Italian

Traven Leyshon

Victoria Somoff, Department of East European, Eurasian, and Russian Studies

Nadine Lorini Formiga

Edward Miller, Department of History

Jeff Sharlet, Frederick Sessions Beebe '35 Professor in the Art of Writing

Matthew Maclay, Graduate Student

Kianny N. Antigua - Senior Lecturer of Spanish

Nancy MacLean, William H. Chafe Professor of History and Public Policy at Duke University

James Dorsey, Asian Societies, Cultures, and Languages / Comparative Literature

Susanne Freidberg, Professor, Department of Geography

Beatriz Pastor Spanish and Portuguese

Erin Byrne

Michael Wyatt, French and Italian, Comparative Literature

Klaus Mladek (German Studies & Comparative Literature)

Eman S. Morsi, Faculty, Comparative Literature

Lada Kolomiyets, Visiting Professor

Violet Fox, Northwestern University

Sarah Barsness (sending solidarity from Minnesota)

Jules Ray, Greenville County Library System

Kelsey Sawyer

Joelle Mornini

Irene Gates

Natalie Hill

Lisa Chinn, PhD

Angie Neely-Sardon, academic librarian in Florida and AAUP member

Abigail Phillips

Jenna Freedman, Director of the Barnard Zine Library

Katie Harding

Joe Neumann, Access and Special Collections Librarian, Thurgood Marshall Law Library, University of Maryland Baltimore

Walter Schlect

Gr Keer, Librarian, Cal State East Bay

Susan Harrington '84

Gabriel J. Gardner, no Dartmouth affiliations

Patricia F. Anderson, public

Justin Joque, librarian, University of Michigan

Raya Samet

Jaime Taylor, UMass Amherst Librarian, member of Massachusetts Society of Professors union

Angelo Moreno, co-founder, ELPL Library Workers Union, UAW 2256

Sean Purcell

Emily Kane, Lecturer French and Italian

Ailsa and Kate Hermann-Wu

Justine Modica, class of 2009

Jorell Meléndez-Badillo, Assistant Professor of Latin American and Caribbean History at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, former Assistant Professor of History at Dartmouth

Jeffrey Kolnick

Jackie Gabriel

Thai Jones

Kimberly Christensen, Sarah Lawrence College, Economics

Lessie Frazier, PhD, former Dartmouth Humanities Fellow now Professor, Indiana

Yesenia Barragan, Dartmouth Society of Fellows 2016-19

James A Young, PA Labor History Society

Jason Resnikoff

Naoko Shibusawa, Brown University

Dexter Arnold

Dennis Deslippe

Cristian Roberto Walk, UNC-Chapel Hill

Tom Lux

Francis Ryan

Anna R. Igra

Aaron Jesch

Paul Ortiz, University of Florida

Julie Greene

Elizabeth Jameson, University of Calgary, emerita

Henry Noble.IAM 751 retired

Miriam Cohen

Allison Estrada-Carpenter

Karen Miller, LaGuardia Community College, City University of New York

John William McKerley

Tom Juravich, Professor UMass Amherst

Thomas Dublin

Aanchal Saraf, incoming Postdoctoral Fellow with the Dartmouth SOF

Jillian Marie Jacklin, Ph.D.

Greta de Jong

Nelson Lichtenstein, Class of 1966

Eric Fure-Slocum

Eileen Boris

Norman Markowitz

Eri Kitada, Rutgers University-New Brusnwick

Deborah Cohen

Kathy M. Newman

Tom Alter

Thomas J. Figueira

Grace Reinke

Emma Teitelman

Bob Rossi

Lisa Phillips, Indiana State University

Michael Beyea Reagan

Zebulon Miletsky

Andor Skotnes, Professor of History, Russell Sahe College retired

Tausif Noor, Dartmouth '14

Amanda Visconti (University of Virginia)

Shannon K. Supple

Joseph A. McCartin

Jay Winston Driskell Jr. 

Rose Turner

Naomi R Williams, Rutgers AAUP AFT

Trip Kirkpatrick

Claudia Rueda, Class of 06

Aimee Loiselle, Class of 1992

Alan Wierdak

Sarah Hovde

Julia Smith

Jesse Siegel

Carly Lesoski, DCAL

Courtney Floyd, Learning Designer Dartmouth College

Rebecca Taub, Staff

Emily Drabinski

Mary K. Coffey, ARTH, LALACS

Jason Houle, Associate Professor of Sociology

Jessica Beckman, Assistant Professor, English and Creative Writing

Ada Cohen, Department of Art History

Robert F. Alegre, University of New England

Melissa Zeiger, Dartmouth Department of English and Creative Writing

Ivy Schweitzer, Professor emerita of English and Creative Writing

Guillermo Rojas Hernandez '13

Margaret Williamson, emerita faculty

Ian Farm '24

Sawyer Broadley '08

Mingwei Huang, Assistant Professor, WGSS

Nadia Lafreniere, Department of Mathematics, Dartmouth College

Tia Kolbaba, Rutgers University

Meredith Kahn, LEO-GLAM, AFT-MI 6244

Bob Lichtenbert

William Shakalis, academic librarian, Worcester State Emeritus

Colleen Randall, Professor of Studio Art

Polly Chesnokova, Undergraduate

Kaya Çolakoğlu, Undergraduate Student, Chair of SWCD Union

Luka Faccini, Class of 2025

Abigail Gebreselassie, undergraduate student and DDS worker

michael Strohm -student

Antonio Jorge M B Silva, undergrad

Grace Hillery, Dartmouth Student 25'

Ian Scott, ‘24

Kimberly Mena, student.

Sheen Kim

Sevdora Eshnazarova

reyna jacqueline santoyo, undergraduate

Ryan Alves Rocha ‘26

Dennis Kortheuer

Mary Ellen Gilson, public librarian and proud union member

Matt Garcia, Latin American, Latino and Caribbean Studies

Douglas Haynes History Dept

Naaborko Sackeyfio-Lenoch Associate Professor, History, Affiliated with AAAS

tish lopez, assistant professor of geography

Laura Edmondson, Professor, Department of Theater

Abigail H. Neely, Associate Professor of Geography

Randall Balmer

Trica Keaton, faculty

Alexander Chee, Professor of English and Creative Writing, Dartmouth College

Sophie Williams 23’

Ali Versluis, University of Guelph

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