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Dartmouth College Library Workers Union Platform

Our goal is to secure a contract that gives us a fairer and more equitable workplace. We consider the following planks, necessarily broad for now, as the main issues and changes that we want to our contract to address:


  • Compensation

    • Raises that keep pace with inflation and reflect the cost of living in the Upper Valley

    • Preservation and expansion of benefits, including extended support to working families

    • Equitable vacation policies for exempt and non-exempt staff, including access to vacation days upon starting work

    • Posted wage and salary ranges for all positions 

    • Development of remote/hybrid work policies across positions


  • Advancement

    • Establishment of a promotion structure that includes all workers

    • Clear guidelines for promotion and/or salary increases within that structure

    • Professional development, engagement, and training opportunities

    • Right to request job description reviews tied to bargaining contract

    • Standardized training for all staff in managerial positions


  • Transparency

    • Decision-making should include the workers that will be affected

    • All workers have an understanding of the opportunities available to them (and the barriers that may exist), and have a chance to move up

    • Clear standards for communication around decisions

    • A defined process for communicating and resolving grievances

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